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My Services

I offer many different services - check them all out! 


per hour

Closet Workover

Time to clean house


The Closet Workover or closet cleanse involves a complete assessment of your current wardrobe, what can be added, what can be donated (or sold to a second hand store, cha-ching), and what we can do with what you currently have.

While in your home, I will go through each garment, accessory, and piece of jewelry to compose as many outfits as I can for each facet of your life. Follow up advice via email is included for a month thereafter. Many clients who have enjoyed this service have said that it has streamlined their shopping, ultimately saving them money.

Image Consulting


per hour + %

Personal shopping and Image Consulting

A personal shopping and image experience


Does what you wear and how you present yourself really represent who you are inside? We can all get stuck in style limbo. With the pressures of work, kids, spouses and day-to-day life, we can lose ourselves and forget that appearance is a way of communicating to others. I can help you uncover your uniqueness and send the world a message about who you are and I am an expert at working within any budget.  Let me help you to express your individuality.  When your style represents who you REALLY are, you SHINE. And we all want to shine.



per hour + %

Discreet Gift Shopping Service

I can buy that gift for your special someone...

No time to shop for that special someone in your life? Just give me a budget, I'll ask you a few questions about their likes and dislikes & then I will provide you with some great items to choose from. I'll even gift wrap and help you with wording for your gift note if you like. Shhhh, I won't tell if you won't! Want to do it on your own? I can help curate gift ideas for you to choose from, making your choices easy, and personal. 


per hour


Harper and Jones Custom Clothing


Men's Styling/Custom Clothing

Working on Social and Professional Wardrobe


Time to step up your game guys! For you, I can either shop in store as I would with women or, as an alternative, I provide a men's custom clothing service that I bring directly to my client's office or home. Some do a mix of both. Client's choice! You can check out my custom clothing line here.


available upon request

Moving Day

Helping you unpack, thin out and organize


On moving day, I can be your personal closet unpacker! I will help unpack, hang, reorganize and make recommendations on streamlining your wardrobe. Start your new home with a fresh closet.

Special Custom JUST-FOR-YOU Services

Designed especially for your needs


I would love to help you with whatever shopping/styling services that you need. 

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