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Happy clients share their stories - read all about it  

"Jenn, you totally saved the day today. Bret and I were just talking about how we vow to never go suit shopping again. We spend way too much time, way too much money and are always unsure of our choices . . . and on top of that to give us a tailor who could do quick turn-around!!!"

“Jennifer knows how to pick clothes that fit and look fantastic and I will say, I was a little worried about hiring a stylist because I am on a bit of a budget but she was well worth the cost.  She has taught me so much about how to fit my body and where to shop that I actually save money on clothing by consulting with her.  Genius!"

“Jennifer advised individuals within my organization on how to present a professional image. Her presentation was engaging and her advice was practical - complete with samples of outfits that were truly affordable for all of the individuals.”

“I've really, really enjoyed working with Jennifer. She's helped me go through my closet, find some new items, try some new and wonderful styles, even bought some very cute clothes for my young son. Always had receipts, was very organized, punctual, energetic, upbeat, and generally fun. I have little time for shopping, don't always enjoy it - so Jennifer's work was totally worth the money for me.”

“Dressing for success is important in any business and because I am a business owner it becomes even more so. Jennifer is excellent at so many things...listening to me to determine my lifestyle, peering into my closet and finding the best pieces and eliminating the garments that just don't work, finding pieces that are perfect for events and every day wear, bringing those pieces to my home (saving me time and money). It would not be an exaggeration to say that is seems sometimes like Jennifer lives in my closet. I am so glad she is there. She is the best at her work. Thoughtful about everything she does.”

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